Legalize Backyard Chickens in Oklahoma City Without the 1 Acre Minimum

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Backyard Chickens are not legal in Oklahoma City without having at least one acre of land to keep them, you also have to have them at least 200ft away from any dwelling or adjacent property. This is completely unnecessary. Chickens can be kept in much smaller areas and in closer proximity without any problems. I myself have about a 1/4 acre of land, which is plenty of space to keep a few hens for eggs and as pets. Chickens are no louder or messier than dogs. An average Oklahoma City homeowner can keep up to four adult dogs(without a special permit) in a normal home, regardless of how big the dogs are. This means that someone, if they so please, could keep four dogs that weigh 150lbs or more. Why can we have four dogs per household, but we can’t have a few chickens? Roosters are the ones that are loud, not the hens. Roosters should not be allowed. Hens quietly chatter and occasionally squawk, but are much less loud than a barking dog. There should still be laws regarding chickens, such as limiting the breeds you can keep in your backyard, and no roosters. Breeds such as the Buff Orpington, Silkie, Sex-Link, and Barred Rock are great for backyards because of their calm and quiet disposition and their inability to fly. The land required should be based on how much is needed for one chicken, not a minimum land requirement to keep them at all. A good measurement is 4 square feet per chicken. If we used this measurement, I would be able to very comfortably keep 5-6 chickens with room to spare. I know there are many others out there who also believe that we should be able to keep chickens in OKC, without the 1 acre minimum and having to keep them 200ft away from your home. We have a chance to change this. Please help toward this goal of legalizing chickens without the ridiculously high land minimum and sign this petition! 

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