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Impeach Judge Matthew Sheets

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The follow are excerpts from an article by the Free Thought Project, found here.

'Pittsburg County Special District Judge Matthew Sheets dismissed the felony child sex charges against Martin Stites because the girl, now four, was unable to describe in detail how she was molested.

The forcing of a small child of 4-years-old to testify in open court about a traumatic incident that happened when she was 3 is morally reprehensible. To dismiss the three felony charges, due to the child’s lack of ability to testify is a complete injustice and degrades the remaining fabric of legitimacy the justice system claims to hold.

Judge Sheets’ actions show more interest in asserting control and power over those in his court, than for actually providing a modicum of justice for a small child allegedly abused at the hands of a former police officer.'


We, the undersigned of this petition, call for Judge Matthew Sheets of the Pittsburg County Special District court to be removed from office for his blatant and willful misuse of his authority as a Judge of these United States of America.

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