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Free Katie, wrongfully convicted

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A young mother simply chose the wrong man in her life is now looking at prison time because of a mistake someone else made.  As a criminal justice major I had no idea that it was common practice for the District Attorney to convict a person based on one single witness.  Now bear in mind this was not a law abiding citizen, nor was it even someone reliable.  Who in the world is going to postpone a court hearing more than 6 times because your only witness decided he wasn't showing up to court that day, or the next day, or the next...none other than Oklahoma County's DA David Prater. Now back to the issue at hand.  Katie was just recently convicted of not one, but 6 charges based on one person's testimony.  She went to every court date and continued going even though most were postponed.  She has a young son and has been working diligently to ensure he was taken care of in addition to her running to court.  She was not even at the scene of the crime, yet this one boy claims she was and she is about to miss years of her son's life.  This same boy has admittedly stated that he has lied about the events, but he is now telling the if I am comprehending this correctly, a person admits to lying yet this jury still feels his testimony left no doubt in her guilt?  I think that this NEEDS to be revisited, a competent individual needs to hear this case, but we need to be heard.  As we all know it's easier to be heard if we shout out from the mountain tops we need millions to come together and get the attention we need to prove her innocence.  She wasn't even there, she has a witness!!!! Please sign this petition so this young girl can come home

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