Justice For Disabled Chihuahua Drowned During Domestic Fight

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I am asking for help in seeking justice for this poor dog. Please sign my petition asking for our justice system to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.  Here is the cruel details of what he did.  I would like ICE to investigate if he is a legal citizen. 


According to a Pembroke Pines police report, Gonzalez got into an argument Thursday night with his live-in ex-wife.

His ex-wife told police that their argument escalated and Gonzalez got physical, grabbing her by her face, pushing and shoving her, and grabbing her hair. She said Gonzalez then grabbed the family's disabled Chihuahua, walked toward the backyard and threw the dog into the pool.

"The victim also stated that she could hear the dog apparently suffering and crying for a short period of time," the police report said. "Ultimately, the family dog drowned."

Before throwing the dog into the pool, Gonzalez's ex-wife said he told the family pet, "You can't swim, but you're going to learn tonight."

When police questioned Gonzalez, he denied attacking his ex-wife, but he admitted to throwing the dog into the pool, the report said.

"The defendant advised that he was aware of the dog's disability and … knew, or should have known, that the family dog could not swim," the report said.

Police said Gonzalez's ex-wife is four months pregnant with his child.