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Legalize the release of placentas to women after their birth.


Women have a right to determine what we want to do with our placentas after the birth of our babies. Preventing us from access and ownership of our placentas, after birth, further highlights the current state of hostility towards women and control over our reproductive health.

The placenta is an amazing and unique organ. It grows with our baby from the very first cell divisions, when it begins its important work of providing nourishment. It is a direct physical link between the mother and child. Considering the powerful role of the placenta in the early life of babies, it is easy to understand how it is considered sacred and is celebrated in many cultures around the world.

Women have a right to ownership of an organ that is grown specifically during our pregnancy to sustain the life of our babies. Placentas are not medical waste!

Letter to
New Jersey State House
New Jersey State Senate
New Jersey Governor
and 3 others
Commissioner of NJ Department of Health Mary E. O'Dowd, M.P.H. Commissioner of NJDOH
Governor of the State of NJ Governor Chris Christie
Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie
Legalize the release of placentas to women after their birth in New Jersey.

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