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If you care, you wear: Illinois passing a universal motorcycle law

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For the last 30-40 years, Illinois hasn't had any type of motorcycle helmet law. This is in part because many antagonists against the idea stand firmly behind the Fourteenth Amendment, which is against the infringement of individual liberties, such as having to wear a helmet. While I do stand behind individuals maintaining their rights from a collective body, no longer will I act as a bystander to the meaningless deaths of individuals from a lack of helmet requirements.

Since 2015, Illinois has seen a 24% increase in motorcycle related deaths, due in part from a lack of head gear. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as other organizations and clinics all agree that when it comes to the protection of the skull, a helmet is the safest, most efficient bet. This is vividly illustrated in the first twenty seconds of this video. Without a helmet, this man's head would have likely been a blood stain on the road.

With the implementing of a helmet focused law, Illinois could also start getting more bang for its buck. States that tend to have helmet laws also have a tendency to possess greater healthcare savings. In California for example, the state was able to save over $394 million in healthcare costs from its universal helmet law. The same could be said for a partial helmet law. New Mexico enjoyed savings of $2.6 million. Clearly, there is some profit from motorcycle helmet laws and money is an added economic bonus-something Illinois understandably needs.

So, join me and the rest of the supporters and sign this petition to get Illinois advocating for a motorcycle helmet law. Remember, if you care, you wear. It's easier to leave a accident walking away with your helmet then having to leave the scene in a body bag.

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