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As medical transcriptionists, we are the only members of the healthcare team who hear the dictation from healthcare providers and translate them into text.  We are the front-line, patient-care team member who understands what is unfolding in the healthcare documentation arena.  Please hear our concerns.

In a time when we are rapidly advancing in medicine, we have watched an important process be annihilated by ever-anxious speech technology vendors and financial officers pressuring for constant and unsafe cost savings.  What has resulted is a fragmented industry operating with questionable practices, little accountability, unmanaged outsourcing and offshoring.  The technology CAN be used wisely as a useful tool; however, there is currently no authoritative body overseeing its implementation or the management of other documentation processes.

-We understand the Joint Commission to be a regulatory agency whose task is to assure the American People that our healthcare institutions provide safe, effective and appropriate healthcare.

-We understand the Joint Commission to advocate for the quality and appropriateness of healthcare and to impose regulations for the continual monitoring of patient care, while demonstrating continued improvement with a keen eye for sentinel events.  We believe there is evidence of the need for both ongoing monitoring of transcription processes, as well as sentinel events in transcription.

-We understand the Joint Commission to place an emphasis on patient safety in areas directly related to patient care, with less focus on supportive roles, such as medical records and medical transcription, housekeeping, central supply.  We believe the documentation role is an extremely important process and is not being managed by specific indicators or quality thresholds.

-We understand the Joint Commission to actively mandate documentation standards, but no standards about the process by which this happens.  We believe this is unsafe.

As a community of medical transcriptionists, we petition the Joint Commission to partner with us in developing standards to address the transcription process and how its current evolution is dangerous and has the potential to adversely affect patient care.  We are concerned about the lack of process management in domestic and offshoring work, of the over reach and over sell of current speech technology, misapplied by many, in some instances the entire elimination of a human interface.

As our nation embarks on a new technological era in healthcare, to include the mandation of the electronic medical record in some settings, we believe this deserves the most urgent attention.  It is our understanding that our professional and educational organization (AHDI) is currently preparing to provide the Joint Commission with some requested data.  As an adjunct to this, the medical transcription community also wishes to have a voice.

Petitioners, please comment respectfully to the officers of the Joint Commission and assist our effort with your objective comments and examples.  The most useful information for them will be specific examples of issues you encounter as a documentation professional.  If you are unsure of the implications of the petition or if you are hesitant to sign for any reason, please feel free to contact me  I am interested in your input.

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