Demand Archdiocese of Louisville Schools change to MASK OPTIONAL

Demand Archdiocese of Louisville Schools change to MASK OPTIONAL

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Started by Concerned Parent

We, as parents of children who attend Archiocese of Louisville schools, demand that the Archdiocese change to a MASK OPTIONAL policy upon returning to school after Christmas break.

With vaccines as well as boosters available to all adults, and initial vaccines available for all children 5-18 years old, now is the time to lead the way out of masking children at school.  As we have seen from data from other states and even some in state, mask optional policies have not led to any meaningful rise in cases in schools.  Continuing to require masks for the remainder of a second school year, however, does have negative consequences for child development, communication, and learning. With other state and local schools recently adopting mask optional policies, the time is now to return to normal.

A mask optional policy does not prevent children, teachers, and parents who wish to wear them from doing so.  It does, however, put the choice back in the hands of parents and their children to make the decisions that is right for them.

With the wide availability of vaccines, therapeutics, and such low transmission rates among children in schools regardless of masking policies, I feel this is the most appropriate end to forced masking in Archdiocese of Louisville schools.  If not now, when will the kids ever be allowed to return to normal?

Thank you and we sincerely hope and pray you and the people entrusted with our children's education do the right thing for our children, who despite having the lowest risk from Covid have been forced to bear the heaviest burden for nearly 2 years.

12 have signed. Let’s get to 25!