Get a monument to Roy Hackett erected in place of Colston in Bristol City Centre.

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Following the removal of the Edward Colston memorial statue in the city of Bristol, we would like to see a prominent fighter against Racism erected instead. I suggest a man by the name of Roy Hackett, with his quote saying “you’ve got to be in it to make a change”.

In 1952, Roy immigrated to England from Jamaica to discover that British people were unwelcoming to the black community and people of the commonwealth. White protesters gathered outside his first home to say they didn't want him living there. In 1962 he set up the Commonwealth Co-ordinated Committee to unite the Caribbean community, (The organisation is now known as the Bristol West Indian Parents and Friends Association). They faced up against the Bristol bus company who refused to hire people of colour. Hackett became involved in the Bristol Bus Boycott to give non-white members of society the opportunity to work on buses.

Roy continues to fight to this day, educating children and visiting schools to teach them about his life. He strives to may the next generation the best they can be. He is quoted as saying "young people today are tomorrow’s people, we must try our best to make them a good tomorrow's people”.

Let's celebrate this man in the heart of Bristol City Centre.