Zahra Khan for Kamala Khan: The Ms Marvel We Deserve

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Hello there fellow Marvel fans, I'm creating this petition to propose that my friend Zahra be cast as the new Ms Marvel in a future movie. She's a wonderful person, actress, and is perfect for the role. I know this may seem like an unobtainable goal but here's why this would be an incredible thing. If you're unaware this character was the first muslim superhero to be published in Marvel comics and it would be amazing to have my incredibly talented friend play such an influential character that would benefit so many people to see on screen. Not only does she look the part and even have the same last name as the character, but the representation would mean so much. I think it would be so beneficial to be able to see not only a Muslim superhero but a female Muslim superhero, on screen! To be able to have a role like this accurately represented and taken seriously is so hard to find these days, but with Zahra as the new Ms Marvel, the character would be well represented, respected, and her dedication would really make this character something special. Please take a minute to sign and help us reach our goal and gain attention from Marvel! Seriously people, why haven't you cast her already?