The Nerd Wonder should be the writer for Spider-Man

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We, the comic book fans, believe Nerd Wonder (@YourNerdWonder) should be the writer of Amazing Spider-Man. She knows about Spider-Man's history and can do an excellent job. We have all seen her profound love for the character, her respect for all comic fans and her love for this medium. She is the opposite of the current writer of Amazing Spider-Man, Dan Slott.

Mr. Slott's run on Spider-Man and his behavior directed towards comic fans on social media has turned many of us away from Marvel Comics. This turning away has lowered the sales of Marvel Comics at comic book retailers.

Nerd Wonder's passion in Spider-Man, as well as her love of the medium and her pleasant attitude towards fans, is much preferred over what Dan Slott is offering. The fans want a writer who they can respect and connect to through good stories and a love of comics. Nerd Wonder would be that writer.

Marvel has said that the comic book industry needs more female writers, therefore Marvel hiring the fan loved Nerd Wonder would be a win-win for Marvel. Hiring Nerd Wonder would increase sales for Marvel. This is an opportunity that Marvel should not pass up.

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