Make Iron Man 4: Bleeding Edge

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The Iron Man series is the foundation of the MCU. Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark approaches Godhood. The great thing about Iron man movies are that they focus on Stark and the Suits. The nanotech that was teased in Civil War shows incredible capability in Infinity War, but has no backstory, or explanation as to how it works(This is regarding the MCU of course, not comics). Every hero is shown to make breakthroughs under pressure, and it would be awesome for a film based on the development of bleeding edge and how Stark figured out everything from the nanotech storage to its incredible modification capabilities and new blasters.

Marvel has a great number of stories to pick from and many Iron Man villains who haven't come to the big screen yet. Sure, it is a bit late in terms of timeline, but who cares! I'm sure every marvel fan will be thrilled to have another movie.

This is why I implore all you fans to sign this petition, and pray that somehow Marvel decides to go with it. It may be a long shot, but it's worth a try! ;)

I've written a bit more in depth about why Bleeding edge in specific down here, for those of you that want to read: 

  • After watching Infinity war, I was left with a lot of questions about the armour itself, and although there was a cool suit up scenes and tony did a bunch of cool mods to the armour, I couldn't get enough of it.
  • The only actual talk about the armour was the one line tony said to Pepper about a housing unit for nano particles. I understand how IW couldn't spare more time but that's why we need a movie.
  • Its a major upgrade to Stark's power, but it happens off-screen, which is sad. Thor's new hammer had such a cool debut and so should bleeding edge. 
  • Nowhere in the movie do we actually hear 'Bleeding Edge'. I kinda want to hear a cheesy but cool pun with that and cutting edge. 
  • Iron Man(like every other superhero) has so many stories which could be brought to the big screen. I know Marvel will pick a good one, and this petition's only real request other than the creation of the movie itself is the addition of bleeding edge. 
  • A few people were disappointed with Iron Man 3, and I really feel that another one which focuses on the right suit could really do well. Especially with all the hype nowadays $2 Billion is no longer a dream, and RDJ deserves a solo movie which does that.