Director of "The Room" Tommy Wiseau Needs to Direct "Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. III"

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Los Angeles-based director Tommy Wiseau needs to direct, or be directly, or indirectly, involved, in the next volume of "The Guardians of The Galaxy" expected to come out in 2020. After the firing of James Gunn by Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios, Tommy Wiseau becomes the perfect pick for this revolutionary and successful hit franchise, since he will grant the new movie a witty humor and a never-seen-before original script.

As this ragin´ Cajun once declared, his plays always make sense because "the chemistry between all the characters makes sense. Human behavior and betrayal applies to all of us. It exists within ourselves. You love somebody. Do you? What is love? You think you have everything, but you don't have anything. You have to have hope and spirit. Be an optimist. But can you handle all your human behavior or other's behavior? You don't want to be good, but great".