Bring Spider-Man and Co. PERMANENTLY back to MCU

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*EDIT 8-22-19* Sony you are still a problem. Come back to the table now or all of what has already been said will be true. Disney, however, you are not off the hook either. You absolutely cannot remove such a pivotal character over a money dispute. This is repugnant. Make a deal that you and Sony can agree on, and do it NOW. 

Sony Pictures, Tom Rothman, you're messing with the Live-action Spider-Man franchise has gone on long enough. Into the Spider-Verse was a fine movie, but you have to accept that you cannot do live-action Spider-Man justice. Look what happened when you allowed Marvel Studios to revitalize the character! They actually did Spider-Man right!!! Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man to date, and he does not deserve to be pushed back into Sony Pictures complete vice grip because you're greedy! The fans will not appreciate this AT ALL. You've confirmed that you're not doing this for the fans with the recent article announcing the split. This is disgusting. If you do not plan to give Spider-Man back to Marvel Studios, prepare for a boycott. The MCU was made infinitely better with Tom Holland's Spider-Man, and if you plan to force Marvel into writing him out of that Universe, you will fail. Stand with me and force Sony Pictures and Tom Rothman to allow Spider-Man back to the MCU.