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As Mcu's fan we urge the returning of SPIDERMAN , we want that Sony and Marvel make a compromise. We want the total Involvement of Kevin feige for Spiderman and the end of the storyline created after FAR FROME HOME and Finally we want the return of SPIDERMAN in the new avengers. So in the name of every single Marvel's fan in the world we ask the union between company 'cause in a period where Marvel's universe is divided the union makes a stronger , like ours eroes tooth us , we fight till the end And it's not about me, it's not about us it's for the future generations, and what we lived Our duty is gift at the new generations the eroes that we love, and if we win we will love for ever In a time where the world is not the same , marvel and their eroes give as hope So with open heart we ask to take that hope and listen to us for search  a compromise.