Recast T'Challa and *continue* the hero Chadwick gave for young boys!

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After the tragic passing of an American hero, the late great Chadwick Boseman, there's been this renewed push to write-off and replace the iconic character of T'Challa that Chad so willfully, diligently, and wholeheartedly invested so much of his remaining years on earth to bring to the big screen for young boys (especially black boys) who didn't have a superhero.

I find this urge to write-off this character in "honor" of Chadwick to be misplaced and problematic.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) isn't ending anytime soon, so to write-off T'Challa would effectively mean *no* T'Challa for the next 15+ years. Everything Chadwick did to drag the first black superhero in comic book history to mainstream prominence would end with Chadwick's own death, and millions of boys, black boys, would be left with neither. As the great Angela Basset said about Boseman: "Everything you had, Chadwick, you gave freely."  Chadwick would give T'Challa freely to the next actor, to finish the job.

I understood there is a severe lack of black female representation in the MCU and that's the real reason behind the push for Shuri to take the Black Panther mantle. However, in the comic books T'Challa was alive while Shuri held the mantle! It is not mutually exclusive to write the character off in order for Shuri to have an opportunity! Let's not deny one demographic for the other when both can shine as brightly as they did in the first movie and all other appearances for the next 10 years! 

Some wanted T'Challa gone/replaced long before Chad's death, and I fear they're using his passing as a launching pad. I urge actually Black Panther comic fans, and those simply fans of seeing our black boys and black girls both shine, to sign this petition and let it be known we wouldn't settle for one or the other. 

We must let Ryan Coogler and Kevin Fegie know that we want to continue Chadwick's legacy with T'Challa. The MCU should take their time to find the best actor out there (there are many talented brothers that Chadwick opened the door for!) and continue the story that was always meant to be told! Finish the job, complete the story, and have it live on forever, like Wakanda.

Peace Kings and Queens,