Recast T'Challa and *continue* the hero Chadwick gave for young boys!

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Over 2,000 sigantures! Thanks my brothers and sisters

Wow guys, I didn't anticipate such a response. I was disheartened by Marvel's decision a few weeks back to not recast the character but you guys continue to sign the petition and it gives me hope that if it becomes big enough maybe Marvel will take notice what the fans are saying. Thank you all for the continued push! For those still passionate about it, I made a brief youtube video talking about the petition: If you can, please like and share it to others as it expands on what I wrote in the change bio and includes a direct link to the petition as well. Any little bit can help to start an impressionable snowball effect. Lastly and once again, always, thank you all for the support and backing you've showed. I'm glad we have so many that adore the character of T'Challa as I do. Kind Regards, Kev

Kev Ovie
1 year ago