Reboot the X-Men Franchise, Don't cross it over

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A few weeks ago, Disney announced that they were purchasing 20th Century Fox. But for a Marvel fan like me this only meant one thing. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four were coming home. 

But, recently a range of articles reported that X-Men: Dark Phoenix might cross over with the MCU. Rumors also suggested that New Mutants, Deadpool: The Second Coming and Dark Phoenix would be adapted to cross over with the MCU.

But, is it the best idea to cross these two huge franchises over?

My concern is that the botched continuity of the X-Men franchise would tarnish the MCU's, while films like Logan hint that the world goes to crap in 2029, which seriously messes with the MCU continuity. 

Also, the X-Men movies have had some hit and misses. The MCU has had no failures ( please ignore Inhumans and the Incredible Hulk ). This ruins the MCU's reputation.

Finally, crossing the two franchises over would mean that the range of characters on both sides would be crammed together. Wouldn't it be better to reboot the X-Men franchise and start a new connected universe.

However,  I am one of the few who believe that Deadpool is not part of the connected universe that the X-Men share, but rather a parody of these movies. Therefore, I am suggesting that they keep the Deadpool franchise as a separate one.

So, I am saying that after 18 years of movies, starting from X-Men 2000 to Dark Phoenix, it is the time for the X-Men universe to stop X-Panding and time to start anew. 



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