Please undo One More Day and bring back Spider-Man's marriage to Mary Jane

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In 2007, the four-part story "One More Day" in the Spider-Man comics saw Peter (Spider-Man) Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker give up their marriage and have it erased from existence in order to save the life of Peter's dying aunt, May Parker. Since then, the Spider-Man comics have had several changes, such as new love interests for both characters and Mary Jane has since been working with Tony Stark in the monthly Iron Man comic series.  There are a majority of fans who hate that their marriage was erased to begin with and wish to see it return. While Marvel released a five-issue "Secret Wars" tie in starting in June 2015 called "The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows", which saw Peter and Mary Jane's marriage never undone and they have a daughter named Annie, we, the fans, hope to see the marriage return in the classic, original, 616 Marvel Universe as it was before the Mephisto deal, though with Peter's secret identity not public knowledge. The success of "Renew Your Vows", which was the second best-selling comic in June 2015, shows that Spider-Man fans still want to see Peter and Mary Jane's marriage restored permanently into continuity.  However, the current "Renew Your Vows" comic is rumored to be cancelled in the fall of 2018, so fans of the marriage may not have a comic to read and buy with Peter and Mary Jane married for much longer.  While Marvel has recently had Peter and Mary Jane start dating again as of "The Amazing Spider-Man", vol. 5, #1, we, the fans, would like to see Marvel to finally undo "One More Day" and to permanently restore Spider-Man's marriage to Mary Jane back into continuity in the monthly comics.