MARVEL please hurry up and make more Ghost Rider films starring Norman Reedus.

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We all have been waiting for Ghost Rider to be done justice/living up to the original source material in the comic books that we all know and love, plus making the film series more darker and scarier with lots of action like it was suppose to be done to begin with. And rumors have been going around that Norman Reedus should play the Rider this time, which is an awesome idea. And being that Reedus himself said he'd like to land the role, others including myself believe it's time to give the Rider another chance on the big screen not only as the evil slaying badass he should have been from the beginning, but also being played by someone who would fit the role perfectly. So, Marvel, we all hope you guys see this and start making plans on bringing back Ghost Rider and hire Norman Reedus to come in and take the role.

Thanks and we all hope to hear back from you soon.