Let's Make Sure Phil Coulson Lives again! And Bring back May!!!

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Last night, the producers of Agents of Shield let Phillip J. Coulson give up on life. He refused any attempt to help or treat him from a condition that will kill him in days, maybe weeks, supposedly to save the world.  Because he is spending those final weeks with Melinda May, the producers feel that is a fitting ending for him. It is not. Phil Coulson was born to kick ass - not lie down and die. The fans have fought for this character's very life over the years and will do so again. He deserves more story.He deserves more life. Please make sure #coulsonlives and returns to Agents of Shield in Season Six in his full capacity as  a lead of the show. Clark Gregg deserves this because he is literally tne classiest guy working in the Marvel Universe. Melinda May is also a badass and we need a full season of her as well!