I don't want ty simpkons to be ironman or ironlad because there was only 1 ironman.....

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I have always loved marvel

End game changes us and we saw a great hero die. The one we all grew up with.

I know what's coming because the POTATO gun guy was at the hero only funeral.  

I can't see anyone else being ironman ever.

Yes i am possessive but i want either pepper or maguna to continue...

There are self conscious suits for disaster response and war machine is available as well.

I understand the connection tony stark has with harley keener but i don't see a reason why would he just show up at the funeral and just become ironman or IRONLAD???

I sympathize with him but i can never see anyone take his place. 

Please stop this from happening 

Tony and pepper even had a better connection with spiderman. 

What about that ?


Already we all fans are shading and trying to cover the plot hole of cap... he did so much for us but at the end he broke all his morals because in the alternate timeline he will hve to sit through everything and watch the world burn. And what happened to iced cap and agent 13 isn't fair. But it is what it is.... i love marvel and always will.

But not IRONLAD.