Give Us Everstrange In Marvel Studion’s Avengers 4

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With amazing representations for the minorities in the Marvel Cinamatic Universe doing wonders, there’s still not enough representations for LGB community in the movies. At these ages we want an explicit same sex relationship portrayed on big screen, especially so if at least one person involved in the said relationship is a titular hero and will likely have sequels. Therefore, we hope that Marvel can give us a lead hero who is gay, and Doctor Stephen Strange will be a perfect fit as he is currently the only titular superhero who is not in a relationship.

We notice that Everett Ross was wearing a wedding ring in Black Panther, but its existence was never explained to us. We sincerely expect an explanation and it would be wonderful if Marvel could make use of the opportunity and turn it into a hint that Ross was married to a male hero.

It’s known that the actors who portrayed these characters, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, share a close relationship and have great chemistry on screen. It would be convincing if they are to portray a same-sex couple.

We genuinely wish that Marvel could consider this and give us a clear depiction of their relationship in the upcoming Avengers film. As we believe, if this could come to be, there will be representations for all minorities in the future Avengers leaders, and it would be a great step towards equality.


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