Fixing Marvel's Mistakes

Fixing Marvel's Mistakes

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Andrew Olsavicky started this petition to Marvel and

I find the Ending to "Avengers Endgame" to be appalling, I also find the notion about not being able to change history despite whether or not it actually can happen wrong, especially since it happened in "Doctor Strange".  The fact that several characters were killed off when they should not have been and that changing history could fix that but they won't let it happen is wrong and as such I wrote an article in this edition of Pittverse Magazine ( which is on page 20 f the magazine in the link.  To add insult to injury I find that they continued these stupidities in "Spider-Man Far From Home" Including jokes that make fun of young people which I am tired of seeing Disney do.  The followingg are bullet Notes as to what I think needs to be fixed.

·         The Deaths of (in order of importance)

o   Iron Man

§  So he can raise his Daughter and make sure she does not become like him, but Hopefully like Captain America maybe something Like “Iron America” a character with the Captains views but Iron-Man’s power

o   Black Widow

§  Though should be cursed to make up for all the atrocities she committed working for the KGB and unable to die/age until she does

o   Vision

§  Restored and with the same powers just not with the infinity stone

o   Captain America

§  In the sense of him quitting, should be viewed as a soldiers abandonment of duty and treated likewise, plus I’m not racist but I don’t think a black guy should be Captain America especially one who was already another superhero

o   Gamora

§  Should use the time travel technique they have already to switch the Bad Gamora from the future with the good Gamora who Thanos killed before he killed her

·         People who should die or be punished in a way worse

o   The Winter Soldier

§  Dies: By having Bucky Barns sacrificing himself and restoring either Black Widow or Gamora

o   Thanos

§  Alive but stripped of all his powers and resources, and sentenced to a life of pain and suffering

o   Ego

§  Turned into a Human and stripped of his powers, and sentenced to the same painful fate as Thanos

o   Hele

§  Same as Ego

o   Loki

§  Same as Hele

o   Karl Mordo

§  Alive, but stripped of his powers which are then used to heal other characters in the franchise like War Machine’s spine

·         General Issues

o   The Blip/Half the Universes Population disappearing

§  They Need to go  back and keep it from ever happening and force Thanos down the path previously Mentioned

§  The Idea that lives were disrupted is bad and the issues with the students including the joke about the older brother now being younger than his kid brother and the administrators making them repeat a year is DEFINATLY WRONG AND OUTDATED

o   Ironman’s/Tony Stark’s Daughter

§  He should be there to raise her unlike what happened with him and his parents

§  She should turn out more Like Captain America and not be the next feminine version of Ironman

o   Infinity Stones

§  Saved from being destroyed and used to restore Asgard, Thor’s Hammer and Thor’s Eye

§  Kept in One piece but only accessible to one guy a new who is more powerful than the most powerful being in the universe, but still Human and thanks to the Mandarin Formula able to withstand the side effects of the stones, who makes deals with the others to keep things good including earth and give new less powerful stones to those who had the originals

In my opinion Disney needs to make a story where some rouge cynical hero (with an attitude like Jack O'Neill from "Stargate SG-1") gains the power to do this and does it with the others unable to stop him, but later going to him to help stop something bad from happening to their existence without undoing what he has done.  Therefore keeping things together, and this would also make sure that Robert Downey Jr. keeps his role as Ironman, and that he can not be killed off as that character until the actor dies in real life, the affect of which I nicknamed the "Coach Kroger" affect as named after characters who were killed off for the same reason.

So I ask you to sign this petition to make these things happen so that those of us who stand up for what is the correct way things should happen especially in a Disney movie should.  As for whether or not this follows the guidelines of the actual comic book stories, I say better to go in a direction that is morally better than one that gives us unhappy endings.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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