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Falcon as Captain America!

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There are rumours that say that Chris Evans might not come back as Captain America once Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is over! This news deeply sadden me as I absolutely LOVE Chris Evans as Captain America (I'm a proud TeamCap member!!), but I understand his reasons as he wants to focus more on directing, and acting as Captain America is very time consuming!

What troubles me though is the fact that Marvel is considering making Sebastian Stan's character Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier, the next Captain America! My goal for this petition is for Marvel to set their preferences instead on Anthony Mackie, aka the Falcon, to take on the mantle! 

While in the comics both characters become at some point Captain America, it would make more sense that Falcon becomes the next Captain America as they both have the same, or similar, moral fiber and Falcon would be seen as a better beacon of hope as he is not a former assassin that has been brainwashed by a former Nazi organization.

This is not me making slight of Bucky as he is one of my favourite character in the MCU! I'm just speaking logically. From what I've seen in the movies, I would find it very hard to believe that Bucky would want to take on that mantle as he is a broken man who just wants to be left in peace. I would find it more believable that he would help train Falcon into putting on the shield as a way to honour Steve!

Making Falcon the next Captain America would also be a wonderful symbol for every ethnic person who watches the MCU! So far, the only non-white leads we have are Black Panther in the MCU and Luke Cage in the Netflix TV Series. To see a person of colour being not only a lead character but Captain America would be a very progressive sign amongst all the racial tension happening in the world right now with Trump being President and all the police brutality! 

I hope a lot of people share my opinion and if you do, PLEASE sign this petition! Hopefully it will sway Marvel's decision into making Falcon the next Captain America (if ever Chris Evans decides to quit the MCU)!!

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