Agent Carter travel case, please ❤️

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Bésame Cosmetics first announced their collaboration with Marvel on an Agent Carter themed line July 2017. Since then, fans of the now cancelled show have been anxiously awaiting Besame's spy themed line while decrypting encoded messages from Besame headquarters. While the line is stunning, I think it's safe to say fans are a bit disappointed in the line itself. With a wait this long and following a rather large Snow White collection, the fans expected much more than the few pieces we got. 

Posted on Instagram 4/17/18 was an absolutely stunning red S.S.R. travel case, of which only two were made. These cases will be auctioned and raffled off and the proceeds donated to charity. When asked why weren't these manufactured as part of the main line, Gabriela cited the cost to produce them was too high. Let's show Marvel, Gabriela and Disney how much the Agent Carter community would love the opportunity to purchase a case! ❤️

Sign the petition if you'd be interested in the case if it were available for order/pre-order. Rumor has it 5,000 is the minimum order required to get these in production and that would put cost around $50. 



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