Deadpool for a cameo appearance in avengers 4

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I think we can all agree, Deadpool should get a cameo in Avengers 4. He wrote the letter to Mr. Tony Stark, whom I'm sure gave quite a bit of thought to the matter ( to be fare its Iron man... what doesn't he give thought to) but alas he wasn't allowed into the Avengers...yet... however, I do believe that like a good set of briefs, with the right support anything can carry him forward. So I am creating this Petition to cause nothing but further unrest in the DP universe and if for nothing else other than a laugh, then maybe we might get a Wolverine jab in the next infinity war installment. So in the brightest day, and the darkest night,

Let us not forget DP's might.

And for those who worship Fox's might,

beware the power , as fandom unite!

If you love Deadpool and want to see him with cameo in the next avengers movie.. Well its probably too late, but we can still make a scene that he'd be proud of.