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Cast Chloe as Silk (Marvel)

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My friend would love to be cast as Silk from the Marvel comics. She's very fun, beautiful will learn to have fighting skills if not already. She just needs YOU Marvel to make this happen. If it's a small Netflix series or a little short film maybe even something more please let her be Silk we all would love to have some more female superheroes on the screen but we also would like her as our main hero, someone who fits the character, and this my friends is Chloe, she is almost a perfect fit the only thing missing is the costume and script! 

Please please please help us contact Marvel into casting her it's one of her dreams and we'd love to make this one come true, not only would it be great to see Silk on screen it would also be great to have her given the chance to be Silk. 

Its all we ask from all of you out there we can join together and get this thing started and who knows if we succeed maybe we can get more young actors/newbies up there get their names to be bigger than they were. we all start from the bottom to get to the top and this is how to get her up there. 

(Also let's face it we've been using the same actors for years we need to start fresh now) 

so please help us try and get Marvel's attention, try and get this to happen I for one would really love to see my friend up on the screen saving the day makes me feel that you don't have to be the biggest star to be a star, that you just need to let yourself shine be who you are and she is Silk! Like Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. Hopefully we can get this developed and made sometime before 11 years from now I wanna be able to see this okay? A lot can happen in 11 years from now. 

Please and thank you all so much for taking your time to read this and those of you who signed. Remember you could be the cause of something amazing. <3

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