Call Disney to a public response.

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It's been more than two weeks now since James Gunn was fired, enough time to sort out the whole situation and understand that the public is on the director's side, that everyone has forgiven him a long time ago. We all joke badly but not many of us have the courage to ask for forgiveness for this. And not many of us can really change.

We want to receive a public response from the studio! And not in the spirit: "He's fired because his actions differ from the principles of the studio. That’s all Folks". We want to know why drug use, domestic violence, drunk driving (which could lead to death), calls for war, incitement to racial hatred do not differ from the principles of the studio? Why can you forgive these things but can not forgive the black humor? Why is your office in the country where the President's policy is at odds with your PRINCIPLES and breaks the families who came in search of salvation (not to mention the president’s offensive tweets!). We want to know why the studio has double standards?

There was not a single comment during all this time. You have been ignoring people for whom you make films and people with whom you make films. So it's time to start ignoring you back! It's time to start boycotting studio films until we get the answers!

Provocateurs slipped you a loaded Gun named James, and you took it and shot yourself. Good work, Disney!

 #ignoredisney #rehirejamesgunn