Marvel Comics should bring back New X-Men Academy X

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New X-Men is an X-Men title that was written in 2004 as a continuation of DeFilippis and Weir's New Mutants Vol. 2, focusing on the lives of students at Xavier's School for the Gifted. It would later be taken over by writers Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost in 2005, where it would continue until 2008 when the 'Messiah Complex' event lead to mass changes in X-book titles. It has since then become a cult favorite among X-Men fans and is very dear to several readers hearts.

Marvel Editor in Chief, C. B. Cebulski recently appeared on 'CBS in the Morning', talking about Marvel's commitment to diversity. Myself and many other fans feel that New X-Men would fit into that commitment and be relevant for readers to current events.

(Video was taken off of YouTube; here's an article/transcript of the video from CBS News:) 

Some of the issues touched on in this series or with the characters in other X-book appearances were: Racism, bullying, classism and privilege, homophobia and LGBTQ representation, Islamophobia, homelessness and drug abuse, school shootings, abandonment and neglect, disability and ablism, PTSD and other mental illnesses...

The series mainly focused on:

• Wind Dancer- A foreign exchange student from Venezuela, who could control the molecules in the air.

• Surge- Leader of the New X-Men, with electricity based powers and super speed.

• Prodigy- The New X-Men's tactician, possessing the ability to copy knowledge temporarily from the people around him.

• Elixir- A former Reaver with the ability to give life or take it.

• Hellion- An arrogant telekinetic, who grows past his privileged upbringing.

• Mercury- A former cheerleader whose skin is made of malleable, non-toxic metal.

• Dust- A devout Muslim with the ability to turn into a dust storm.

• Rockslide- Wrestler and living pile of rocks. 

• Anole- The pragmatic one of the group: with reptilian physiology, enhanced agility and speed, camouflage, and the ability to crawl on walls.

• Pixie- Possessing insect-like wings, teleportation, and illusion creating 'Pixie Dust'; Pixie quickly became a fan favorite of the series. 

•X-23- A clone of Wolverine and former child soldier of the Facility.

Other characters include:
Gentle, Indra, Loa, Match, and Trance.

Sadly in CBR's recent X-Positions it was mentioned by current X-Men editor Jordan D White, that Marvel currently had no plans of bringing back New X-Men; despite mentioning that this series has a loyal fanbase. Myself and other fans are very disappointed by this choice, especially since Marvel hasn't found a replacement young adult X-book since cancelling 'Generation X Vol. 2'. Several of their LGBTQ and more inclusive titles were also cancelled in 2017, leaving a severe gap in Marvel's representation.

New X-Men had successful sales numbers during its run and still has a popular fan base to this very day. Several characters like X-23 and Pixie became breakout stars, with the ability to carry a mini series or solo title. There is little evidence that New X-Men would not be sellable to current readers.
Currently very few of the New X-Men characters appear regularly in X-titles, with the exception of X-23 and Gentle.

We are simply asking Marvel to give the New X-Men an Ongoing or Mini-Series. Marvel: Bring Back the New X-Men.

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