Defund the Boston Police Department

Defund the Boston Police Department

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Mayor Marty Walsh has said he has no plans to lay off public safety personnel, and believes police reform can be implemented outside of agreements with law enforcement unions.

He promised that his administration will soon release a new citywide spending plan.

His Proposal: Re-allocating $12M from the police Overtime budget into areas that will facilitate "equity and inclusion." He & the media propose this as 20% of BPD OT Budget, which sounds like considerable change when read in a headline.

However, the reality is, this proposal is closer to 2% of the BPD total yearly budget.

Boston FY21 Budget Allocation for Boston Police as planned per the ACLU:

  • BPD: $414,182,025
  • BPD OT Budget: $60,803,585
  • Total: $474,985,610

Boston FY21 Budget Allocation for the remaining departments per the ACLU:

  • Administration & Finance: $273,613,629
  • Health & Human Services: $151,261,682
  • Public Works Department: $100,708,003
  • Cabinet of Operations: $45,826,683
  • Library Department: $41,632,909
  • Parks & Rec: $26,700,477
  • Housing & Neighborhood Development: $27,088,350
  • Arts & Culture: $2,275,752
  • Total: $669,107,485

We the people demand answers on this outrageous budget allocation, defunding the police is not arbitrary, it is necessary. This is not the Boston I want to live in, and I hope it isn't the one you want to live in. 

I am calling on Marty Walsh & all City Councilors for the FY21 BPD budget to be cut back to $279,058,035, making it equal to the budget of Health Services, Public Works, and Housing Development combined, and that those funds be re-allocated into the departments that will help our communities thrive.

Sign this petition for our black brothers and sisters who are being killed in the streets while their murderers walk free, sign this petition for your children's teachers who purchase their own supplies because they simply aren't given the budget, sign this petition for your friends and family with mental health issues who can't get help because our health system is broken and underfunded, sign this petition for the families being evicted from their homes with no help available to keep their babies from being homeless. 

Sign this petition to remind the government and the police WHO THEY WORK FOR.