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Make 68th Street Safe Before Adding More Developments!

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NE 68th Street has become the race track route between Hwy 99 and St Johns Road.  It's become very dangerous for residents, visitors and pedestrians.

We request all development along NE 68th between Hwy 99 and St. Johns cease until we can safely navigate our community and hopefully lower the risk of serious injury along our road.

Crystal Creek Apartments were denied access to NE 68th Street over 25 years ago because the road could not handle additional traffic and no safety improvements have been made to this roadway since then.  Why is it suddenly ok to add an estimated 1400+ vehicle trips per day to this roadway without adding any additional safety precautions?

We would like to see these items met before continuing development on the Hilton Hotel with two access points at the West end of NE 68th and the apartments toward the east end.

1.  Continuous sidewalks from Hwy 99 east to St John Road so pedestrians, community members and children accessing school buses are not harmed

2.  Lower the speed limit from 35mph (usually 50-70mph+) down to 25mph

3.  Speed bumps along the entire portion of NE 68th Street, or some other form of speed inhibitor

Please help us make our community safe, if we don't start somewhere your communities could be ignored next!

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