Demand correction of Staffing Office problems at Kaiser Walnut Creek Hospital

Demand correction of Staffing Office problems at Kaiser Walnut Creek Hospital

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The signed Nurses of Kaiser Walnut Creek are appealing to Kaiser Leadership. We are expressing our dissatisfaction and no confidence directed to the management of the staffing office. The administration of the staffing office has proven a lack of support of nurses and unwillingness to grant reasonable requests.

There have been a variety of mistakes regarding schedules and pay. Grievances continue to pile up and the majority are not answered within CBA timeline or go unanswered all together.

Staffers and Schedulers work hard but they too cannot keep up with the constant changes from their leadership.  In addition, some staffers consistently display rude, unwarranted, and unprofessional behavior toward staff nurses.  The disregard and disrespect from Staffing management is having a profound negative impact on the morale and working conditions within the hospital, especially coupled with:

A. Chronic short staffing across the board

B. Missed meals and breaks. Kaiser's remedy to missed meals and breaks is to start the unsafe practice of breaking nurses in the first hour of the shift.

C.  Inappropriate downgrades in care exemplified by patients that were once considered CMU level, placed in 1:4 Units

D. During the Covid pandemic we have had new unimaginable demands on clinical staff and have had to beg for safe workflows, PPE, & clear, supportive communication.

E.  A reduction in already insufficient support staffing such as PCTs, UAs and ANMs covering multiple units.

F. Floating multiple times in one shift.


Within the last year, these unilateral capricious changes coming from the management of the staffing office have caused chaos and confusion upon the nursing staff. They have implemented changes based on their subjective misinterpretation of the CNA contract.


The following are some (not exclusive) violations of the CNA contract:

1. Available nurses not being pre-booked in advance and not by seniority.

2. Last minute Ad-Hoc broadcasting to staff the units.  These Ad-Hoc’s come two hours before the start of the shift, which is often too late for staff to make arrangements to come into work.

3. Denials of consecutive OT premium pay and misinterpretation of the contract


4. Reactive last-minute staffing versus proactive, advance planning.

5.  Vacation call back violations (should include as historically practiced and

agreed to: CNA options and birthday/float holidays).

6.  Denied trading of shifts when RNs find their own coverage. The covering RN

is demanded/expected to work in addition to the denied RN seeking coverage.

7.  Holiday pay issues.

8.  Inappropriate mandatory scheduling of a legal holiday (Only Christmas and

New Years are mandated holidays)

9. Inconsistencies with time correction logs and timecard processing/system.

10.  Inappropriate denial of third-weekend premium

11.  Denial of cancelling vacation days even if requested months in advance.  No flexibility even with COVID19.

12.  Timecard corrections only accepted when payroll closes on a weekend, which is an inconvenient time for nurses, nor was this communicated to nurses.

13.  Extreme delay and unacceptable turnaround time for time correction logs and

payout reimbursement.

14.  Inability to make even trades outside the pay period, making it impossible to ever trade a full weekend with another employee.

15. Blocking Nurses from having shifts covered that are part of temporary (Traveler) positions for no valid reason.

16. Not approving a Nurse working for another Nurse unless the Unit is at "staffing core" or above. This is rarely the case so denials will be rampant.

17. Education leave benefit withheld.

These outstanding, unresolved local issues stem back for a year and cannot wait any longer. CNA nurses have tried to find mutually agreeable solutions month after month.

Again, these issues are having a profound negative impact on work-life balance and livelihood. Many of these changes do not have a negative impact on the employer whatsoever yet they are willing to make such changes that are a detriment to their staff. We have brought these concerns forward at the Professional Performance Committee/Nursing Quality Forum and other venues every month for far too long and now it has reached a boiling point. 


Collectively, we have worked at Kaiser Walnut Creek for decades. The recent draconian changes from the management of the staffing office make it very difficult to continue working at Walnut Creek. We implore you to remove unnecessary barriers coming from top management who oversee the staffing office so we can focus on caring for patients and ourselves which has never been more critical than during the current pandemic.



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