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Publicly rescind business award to extreme animal abuser and sexual deviant Craig Chapman

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In 2002 Craig John Chapman from Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, UK, was sentenced to two years in prison for producing a series of sick pornographic 'crush' videos in which small animals, including mice, guinea pigs and even an 11-week-old kitten, were tortured, mutilated and eventually killed by scantily dressed women in high heels for the sexual gratification of both himself and others. Chapman starred in one sexually graphic scene involving a mouse. 

Chapman sold the films via online fetish chat-rooms to other sexual deviants. One buyer was himself convicted under obscene publications legislation and imprisoned.

Chapman paid three young women, including his own cousin, to star in the videos. It could be argued that his behaviour towards these women was abusive and exploitative. 

Articles by reputable news sources including the BBC, the Independent and the Guardian pertaining to the case remain available online.   

In March 2018 and again in December 2018 the Stoke Sentinel published puff piece profiles on Craig Chapman and his "thriving" logistics company, Dulogis. The second article described how Chapman had "left a 'safe' office job" in 2003 to start his own business, which is a blatant lie.

Whilst it is accepted that no one at the Sentinel knew about Chapman's past at the time of the articles' publication, we understand that they were made aware by a former employee of Chapman's in late 2018. It is therefore surprising that the PR articles remain, unedited, on the Sentinel's website today.

Not content with giving a platform to a man whose shocking past shows that he has neither morals nor principles, the newspaper went on to make Chapman their 'Entrepreneur of the Year' at their annual Business Awards event in March 2019.

The case having been picked up again on social media in recent weeks, many concerned animal lovers have contacted the Stoke Sentinel asking them to rescind their award to Craig Chapman but their requests have fallen on deaf ears. Anyone contacting the newspaper through social media to express outrage has been ignored and blocked. 

By taking the stonewalling approach to this scandal, the Stoke Sentinel are effectively defending Craig Chapman and acting as apologists for sexual deviancy.

Is this really appropriate behaviour for a family newspaper? 

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