Urgent! Oppose the Little Athletics Age Group Changes - They are due to start in Aug 2018.

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Little Athletics are proceeding to change Age Grouping of children in August 2018 - to a modified 'calendar based' system. This will result in a group of children, those born Oct-Dec being forced skip an entire year and forced up an age group. This comes into effect this August. As Little A's is keeping it's registration/season start dates unaltered. As part of these changes a small group of children born Oct-Dec are going to experience the following :-

  • This group of children will be excluded from the next age group and be forced up an age group. They therefore miss an entire year and finish Little Athletics a year earlier.
  •  This group will have to compete in an older age group from August to the end of the year. Five months prior to the calendar year commencing. This will continue each year, for however long they stay with Little A's.
  • Little Athletics is making no concessions for this group of children. They have no plans to change the season to a calendar based season. They are not going to reset the records. The age of the children chasing the records have changed, but the records themselves will not change.

Little Athletics is a public organisation, providing a public service. Excluding a small group of children from a year of membership and forcing them to compete in unfavorable conditions, because they were born Oct-Dec, is not fair. All other children, born Jan-Sep, are to proceed normally through the Little A's age groups.