Resignation of the President of European Parliament, Mr. Martin Schulz

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In the last, dramatic days, the attention of public opinion has focused on Greek crisis.

Major leaders, both in national governments and European institutions, have expressed their views on the situation, too often in a controversial way. Moderation and decency have given way to irrationality and hysteria.

We, as European citizens, find particularly lamentable the involvement in this controversy of the President of the European Parliament, Mr. Martin Schulz.

The President should represent the European Parliament as a whole. We strongly believe than the taking of a neutral and more favorable to compromise position should have been more appropriate for this institutional role.
Mr. Schulz decided instead to play a political, not an institutional role. He took a stand as a hardliner, pro-austerity supporter. This is not acceptable, because nothing such as a clear, defined and unanimous position on austerity policy and on the Greek crisis ever emerged from the European Parliament.

Mr. Schulz position on the Greek crisis is even more surprising, as only one year ago he promoted his candidacy as President to the European Commission presenting himself as a paladin of an anti-austerity line.

All this considered, we matured the conviction that Mr. Martin Schulz is unfit to lead the European Parliament, and therefore demand for his immediate resignation from this office.

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