Help save Lake Contrary Elementary School

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A local elementary school by the name of Lake Contrary is set to close it's doors at the end of this school year. The Saint Joseph school district originally wanted to raise our taxes back in November of 2017 due to the debt the school district had found themselves in. The citizens voted no to this proposition and now our children have to suffer. There is 3 south side elementary schools here in Saint Joseph. We have Lake Contrary, Hosea and Hyde. Hosea sits in an area that isn't easily accessible for parents and busses to get through. The area is very congested and after deciding to close Lake Contrary the children from this school will also attend Hosea. The board had said closing Hyde elementary would bring in a total of 7.85 million while closing Lake would only be 7.42 million. Why would you not close the school that costs more to operate? They said Lake is the more efficient to run out of the two. Hyde is also the older of the two buildings. Since they have chosen Lake over Hyde they want to put our children in trailers on Hosea property. Because they don't have the money to expand at Hosea and put in more classrooms for the incoming kids. Help us reverse this decision to keep Lake Contrary open for the sake of our children!

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