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Show us again the actual jace and clary we fell in love with.

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I was simply going through the videos in the youtube when i came across the song "The Warrior" by Beth Crowley. i loved the song. Then i saw that it was a song of the film "the mortal instruments - city of bones". This is what i thought. If the song is this good, then i suppose the film must be not bad too. I searched for the film and it was there in you tube. I remember when i watched twilight how i fell in love with the story and its characters. I never thought it would happen again any time soon, but it did - when i watched the city of bones. I loved it. I absolutely loved it. I couldn't wait to see the next part, so i searched for the city of ashes. But then i saw news of the shooting of city  of ashes had been on and off because of response it got from the critics. and then there was this news that city of bones will probably be released in 2016. I was relieved thinking that okay, may be i will get to see it after all. But then i saw that the production was completely canceled and in its place a show called the shadowhunters has begun. And that it would soon be releasing its season 2. So i thought i would give it a try. I watched the shadowhunters episodes. And i was like -  what the hell is this? Granted, some of the characters like izzy was depicted better in the show, but other than that it was bullshit. People who might have only watched the shadowhunters might have liked it, but for the ones who had already watched the city of bones movie and then had to watch the show, it was like punishing them. The movie felt so real, it was like the cast were actually living the characters, thats what made people love them. It was like it we also got a chance to live in that world just by watching the movie. Thats what i fell in love with. But the show? When people watched the show, it was just that. Watching a show. something just made out by mixing the contents of the actual book series. And to those who said that the movie did not show the story like how it did in the book - how about the show? It was like they mixed parts from the whole series and just made something out of it just to drag the episodes on. It was horrible. I know that there are a lot of fans for the show right now. But thats because many of them never never got to see the actual movie and even if they did, they knew it was hopeless waiting for the second part because its never gonna happen. They are just watching and supporting the show because they want to see jace and clary and the whole shadow world again, no matter how. Thats how much they like the movie. But they are never gonna feel that excitement again when they watched jace and clary in the movie for the first time. In the movie, even though jace and clary didn't talk, everyone could perfectly see the tension between them. How much they wanted  to be together. People are never gonna feel that  feeling of thrilling suspense they had when they watched the fights in the movie. Because the show will never be able to give them that. The characters in the show, no matter how good they are, they don't even compare to how good the cast in the movie were. If the movie series continue, a majority of the fans of the show would support the film. Trust me on that one. Because these are not the words of just me. Thousands are out there saying the same things i just said in different other ways. If you don't believe me, you can see it for yourself. Just read all the comments of the videos of both city of bones and shadowhunters. Even the blogs about it. And you see for yourself. Give us the clary and jace we fell in love with and not the clary and jace  who knows only to try to act like them.

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