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Please allow transgender person,Nathaniel Baez, to attend prom 2014 at Martin Luther School.

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As an academic institution you stand as a beacon of education and enlightenment for all of those in society. Who are you, then, to judge who is worthy or unworthy of attending prom? You are a private institution and grant privacy "laws" to all students who pay to attend your school. These privacy “laws” are the reason why you would not comment when PIX 11 called. Why, then, do you not leave someone's sex and gender to those same privacy laws?


Your mission statement is: “In response to the redeeming love of Jesus Christ,
Martin Luther School challenges mind and Body and shapes Christian character so that students succeed as God’s people in this world.” Where, then is your Christian character in discriminating and persecuting against another human being? The only challenge you are presenting is the love spoken about in The Bible being reserved for a select few as opposed to all of God’s creatures.

Some may cite the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Article II as MLS protection against their discrimination against this young person attending prom. However, Article II of the CRA only allows a religious institution to discriminate against possible employees. This does not apply to open discrimination against one particular individual. One should also note that even this article of the CRA is dated and it would be nice to think that as a society has progressed since 1964. After all in 1964 The Rolling Stones preformed their first concert, the Ford Mustang was unveiled, and the Vietnam War was still being fought.

It is my hope that you sign this petition in order to gain attention against the open discrimination MLS is enacting against one singular person. They do not and have not “screened” other possible guests to their 2014 prom like they have this one singular guest. Sign in support of an inclusive society and in making MLS accountable to practice the love and acceptance that they preach. 

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