Legally Regulate the Title of Nutritionist AND Dietitian in Australia

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By protecting these titles, well equipped professionals can reduce the load on the public health system and the public can gain access to nutritionists via medicare/HICAPS. Currently qualified clinical nutritionists cannot gain access to patients via Medicare or HICAPS.  Please regulate this title, protect our industry and benefit our public to fight obesity, diabetes and alike disease that is rife in our population. Grant us the protection and respect we deserve to benefit our people!

Currently any Australians are able to purchase short online courses and label themselves as nutritionists despite any tertiary education, relevant clinical experience or any foundation of prior knowledge. However, nutritionists spend three years at University and dietitians an additional two years for masters as well as placement hours. We need to recognise the work that is being done here and minimise public health risk from unqualified individuals.