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Petitioning Commissioner Sarah Heard and 4 others

Send the Sheriff to close the Okeechobee locks and stop toxic dumping

The Board County Commissioners should send our County Sheriff to the locks controlling the toxic waste dumping of runoff water into the waterways of Martin County. This would be an appropriate response to the unmitigated damages being caused to the wildlife, economy, public health and property values of our local taxpayers and residents. The Sheriff should close the locks and then seal the facility to allow time for scientific study of the damages to our area.

Letter to
Commissioner Sarah Heard
Commissioner Ed Fielding
Commissioner Anne Scott
and 2 others
Commissioner John Haddox
Commissioner Doug Smith
We, the following residents and taxpayers of Martin County Florida request that the Board of County Commissioners send the County Sheriff to demand the closing of the the Okeechobee Waterway locks located within Martin County and stop toxic dumping into our waterways. This is a matter of public health, public safety as well as an economic and environmental emergency that requires an immediate response.

The Martin County Sheriff has the resources necessary to protect the citizens of our county in this and we request that you cause them to act in our interests and stop this toxic dumping immediately.

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