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Please make MARTA system work better on event weekends!!!

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MARTA CEO/Mayor of Atlanta-Kasim Reed/ Mayoral Welcoming Atlanta Advisory Committee Members:
Great events are planned almost every weekend around metro Atlanta and there is always the same problem: NO WAY TO REACH YOUR EVENT ON TIME because MARTA works in the same SLOW, non-efficient way over and over again on weekends. 20 minutes between trains going south. Are you kidding me?. C'mon guys, it's not that difficult. On 9-16-17 huge lines in the machines in every MARTA station. Was Music Midtown weekend, plus a huge amount of the 70000 who were trying to go to Atlanta United game were trapped in this mess. When there is a special event, there has to be a different logistic. Huge lines in the cards machines while behind the windows 2 employees doing NADA. Made them sale tickets in these special occasions. Pay students to work helping the people. Those machines have too many bottoms. Put 3, 4 people to work behind the window. Find the way to have a MARTA person by one of the gates and keep it open. People still have to scan the card but won't loose time between closings. By the way, not many policemen in the stations going south. Big mistake. There is crazy people out there. One problem in one station will shoot down every station. Make a huge campaign saying how you are improving the service. You will get more money and we get a better service. That will reduced the yucky traffic in midtown areas and people will feel WELCOMED.
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