The Goverment of Peru must act now. Help those affected by the devastating floods In Peru.

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Thank you

  Thank you to all who signed this much needed petition and for taking that moment out of your day to show the caring, love and support to other human beings and our beautiful planet mother earth. And for standing up to be heard by governments and monstrous corporate entities who are ruining our planet, lives, species and future.

  It has been estimated by scientist all around the world that we are at extinction level event. This may be verified by the recent international call for immediate action on climate change/warming.  Unless we stand to say STOP in 6 years time we will be at the point of no return and destruction of our planet will be irreparable!. That means your loved ones and children will have no future along with all living beings on this earth. Since the 1970's over 60% of species have become extinct due to corporate greed. 60% in such a short span and the count it is rapidly raising. Countless communities have been devastated with deaths, flooding, earthquakes and more. Sadly it has become a 'trend' for goverments to turn a blind eye due to their own 'investments' in this raping or our planet and species. 

  PLEASE play your part in preventing this road to global devastation. Every little action towards this helps. Every voice and signature is counted.

  By signing this and other petitions we can make difference never forget WE are the masses.

  Please can you share this petition with everyone you know so we can get heard. Even donating as little as £5.00 will raise the petitions audience by hundreds or thousands, Personally I have donated in order to do so. If you cannot it is still so appreciated to just share for more signatures.


Thank you again for the support.


Much Love & Gratitude


Angel x


Angel Peters
2 years ago