Removing Robert C. Byrd’s name from Marshall University’s campus

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Marshall University is proudly an Open to All campus but continues to have Robert C. Byrd’s name plastered on multiple buildings where students of all races attend in hopes of a higher education. I am petitioning to have his name removed and replaced with the name of an African- American scientist and researcher from West Virginia: Dorthy Vaugh, Margaret S. Collins, and Katherine Johnson to name a few. Robert C. Byrd was a leading member of the KKK before he played a role in politics. Although he claims to have changed his racist ways and has financially supported the state I firmly believe his past views allow for West Virginia to continue to be looked at as an uneducated, racist state. I do not believe that is who we are as a community, campus, or state and I want the physical environment to be a reflection of that. I hope you will join me in this time of social justice to change our campus to reflect the belief of equality and fair representation. You can help out by signing this petition and passing it forward, reaching out personally to Marshall’s President Jerome A. Gilbert to state your concerns, and don’t stop speaking out against racial inequalities. Thanks in advance. 
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