Rename Jenkins Hall — Marshall University

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Jenkins Hall, College of Education and Professional Development, is named after confederate general Albert Gallatin Jenkins and this petition is intended to sway the Marshall University Board of Governors and President Jerome Gilbert to rename the building. Perhaps rename Jenkins Hall after a civil rights activist who was involved in aiding the advancement of African Americans in the field of Education, such as Ruby Bridges, Dorothy Height, or Bernice Robinson to name a few. 

These women achieved more in the field of education than the confederate general ever could have and deserve to be acknowledged, not some racist war general. 

It is very ironic and disingenuous that a building intended to prepare the future educators of this state is named after someone who stood against the education and advancement of people of color, especially African Americans. Part of Marshall University’s mission states that it seeks to “Create opportunities and experiences to foster understanding and appreciation of the rich diversity of thought and culture.” How can this mission be accomplished when we continue to commemorate those who so adamantly stood against fostering the understanding of rich diversity of thought and culture?