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Started by Raevyn N.

Marshall's has been around since 1939; yet until recently they have always remained under the radar. Marshall's Promotes a warranty for keeping your ferret on their food for 1 year which until you read the fine print leaves you thinking a complete warranty, not a "we pay only the adoption fee of said ferret" warranty.

Marshall's has a ferret food line that consists of "Chicken Select", "Ferret Diet", "Senior diet" and "Carnivore plus diet" however Marshall's is sneaking toxic ingredients in the Carnivore Plus and Ferret diet foods that can and will kill your Ferret, one of those ferrets wwas 1 check away from being a certified Emotional Support Animal named Bandit.

Bandit had turned 1 year 2 months old on February 12, 2018; he celebrated with his brothers Smokey, Shadow and baby sister Trixie. He was rushed into Cummings/Tufts Veterinary Hospital in North Grafton Mass on April 6th, 2018 for bladder stones, because wed fed him "Marshall's Carnivore Plus" 24 hours prior to that and he was eating it that night too. Bandit only had consumed Marshall's Carnivore Plus diet because Marshall's refused to send enough of the Chicken Select to local pet stores including Petco and Pet Smart, when some Petco shoppers buy 5 bags at a time...so we were not going to let Bandit starve for 4 days to maybe have a chance at a new shipment of the Chicken Select he ate every day before that. Bandit was indefinitaly hospitalized on April 6th 2018, and was there until he died on April 14th, 2018 at 12:22 am by mandatory euthenasia. He underwent two surgeries, 1 was an experiment one that no ferret but him ever had been through before, he had a blood transfusion, and died from the stress of both surgeries from a brain aneurysm, he went in being diagnosed with bladder stones...which is like humans getting kidney stones and went through two relocation surgeries.

Marshall's sent us a check for $180, that was fraudulent and unable to be cashed due to the fact they put the wrong address on our check. They refused to pay $7,500 for Bandit's hospitalizations even though they caused it and WE PROVED to them they were at fault.

Let's save future ferrets and get these jerks to pay up or pull the line.



664 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!