VA disability should NOT be decreased or taken away from veterans with PTSD who seek help

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The VA has made great strides to help veterans who battle with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. They assist in paying for many amazing therapies that can help veterans learn to cope, such as EMDR (eye movement desensitization therapy). However, ask any veteran who has PTSD and they will all agree...there is no cure for PTSD, you just possibly learn how to manage it . Lowering disability percentages and sometimes even completely taking away benefits because the veteran has sought help to better their lives and in most cases save their life is unacceptable. More than 22 veterans a day take their life and unfortunately most of them suffer from PTSD, and on top of that you have the percentage that struggle with opiate addiction, alcohol addiction, and have never gotten to the core issues that caused it. EMDR is a successful therapy that can save lives but if a veteran relies on their disability income (which most of us do) to provide for their family then they won't even give it a second glance because they don't want to be penalized for doing so. So while we are grateful to the VA for paying for such resources like EMDR therapy to help us learn how to cope with PTSD, it is an extreme injustice to all veterans especially those currently battling the war on PTSD and their families to take away or lower the percentage of disability because we sought help. Help that can save lives, marriages, and relationships. The memories of our traumas will forever be engrained in our hearts and minds and nothing can ever make them be erased, there is no guarantee we will ever live the rest of our lives without being "triggered" back to those moments. By lowering our disability benefits or taking them away because we learned how to cope and decided to get help tells us as veterans that you're simply stating those events never even happened and that you believe those events will never bother us again and there  is no guarantee for that. If this was changed more veterans would feel compelled to get the help they need and utilize the life changing resources that are available. 

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