Stop wrapping vouchers up in plastic

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Plastic pollution is a major problem. Plastic is not biodegradable and is polluting our planet. Wildlife are ingesting plastic and it’s being found at the bottom of our oceans. Environmentalists are calling for alternatives to plastic and as responsible companies it’s surely important that they take measures to reduce the plastic that they use in packaging. It is also important that unnecessary plastic packaging is discontinued.

As someone committed to reducing my personal plastic usage I was surprised to discover a voucher in my cat’s food box which was wrapped in plastic. It is totally unnecessary to package a voucher in plastic. Vouchers can be added to a box so they can be cut out, or even sent out online. I wrote to Mars Customer care, but got two unsatisfactory replies. The first told me about other environmental work Mars is doing but didn’t address my concern. When I pointed this out I was told:

“We put a considerable amount of effort into ensuring our vouchers and promotions get to our consumers undamaged. The plastic casing round these help protect the voucher. As you can imagine balancing the protection, quality of the product and its recyclability can prove difficult.”

 I don’t think this is good enough. I have pointed out other methods of delivering vouchers that need not include plastic packaging. Vouchers are unlikely to get damaged inside a cardboard box. After that surely care of the voucher is down to the consumer. I would like to see Mars show some real responsibility towards our environment; it’s a global emergency. Mars, there is absolutely no need to wrap a cardboard or paper voucher up in plastic.