Decision Maker Response

Marriott’s response

Mar 4, 2016 — We would first like to say that Marriott International remains sympathetic to the ordeal that Erin Andrews went through because of Michael David Barrett’s criminal conduct. There has been much confusion in the media and public conversations about our responsibility for what happened and our involvement in the trial. Here are the facts:

• Ms. Andrews was the victim of a terrible crime while she was a guest at the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Michael David Barrett videotaped her in her guestroom while she was undressed and posted the footage on the internet. Barrett was arrested and served a jail sentence for his crime.

• Ms. Andrews later sued our company, the owner of the hotel (which is not Marriott), the franchisee and Michael David Barrett. Our legal team argued that Marriott International had nothing to do with what happened to Ms. Andrews; the Court agreed and completely dismissed Marriott from the case.

• We are not and have not been a part of this trial. This trial is between Ms. Andrews and the owner of the hotel, the franchisee and Michael David Barrett.

• Our legal team is not among those that have questioned Ms. Andrews during this trial. Additionally, the witness who allegedly viewed the video of Ms. Andrews in a Nashville restaurant earlier this week is a representative for the owner and not a Marriott employee.

We continue to be sensitive to the serious nature of this matter and remain committed to the safety and comfort of our guests.