Marriott, stop letting your employees die without the retirement funds we are owed

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Hello everyone. Nearly 160,000 of you have signed! Your indignation is spreading all over the world. Thank you so much for your support. You are, like us, outraged by Marriot-Meridien’s contempt for their hard-working staff. They still haven't contributed to employees' retirement plans, and they're still waiting until death eliminates us one by one so that they don’t have to pay what they owe. This negligence is disgusting from a global employer, especially one that claims to serve people and treat their employees like family. As signatures skyrocket, the media are beginning to get a hold of what we're fighting for: newspapers such as Le Monde ( and Hotellerie Internationale ( have both published articles. More media will follow if we maintain the buzz. Please share this petition again. Use the #Marriottgate hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat . And boycott this Hotel Chain and its subsidiaries. We are David, they are Goliath. But with you, we will knock them down!

Dimitri Veltsos
2 years ago